Monday, January 14, 2019

Week 1/14-16

Spanish 2:
    • In your book: page 176, section 13 #2-5 AND section 14 #1-4.
    • Change the following to use direct object pronouns:
      • Yo leo poemas.
      • Tu compras el sombrero.
      • Sara bebe la limonada.
      • Yo doy el libro a Luis.
      • ? Tienes que hablar el espanol?
      • ? Compra tu madre la ropa?
      • ? Tu vas a escucuar la leccion?
  • For Wednesday:
    • Practice Direct Object Pronouns and gustar/interesar/aburrir - there may be a quiz
  • For next week:Begin to review chapter 5 (Sports) for Test next week. Concepts include:
    • vocabulary for the chapter (Quizlet)
    • Stem-changing verbs (pages 170, 172)
    • Direct Object Pronouns
    • Using gustar, interesar, aburrir (page 175)
Spanish 1:
  • For Tuesday:
    • Study for the quiz.
    • Begin studying Ch. 2 & pp. 80-81 to review for TEST Tuesday, 1/22/19.
  • For Wednesday:
    • Continue to study Chapter 2 (pp 80-81 & 84-85) for TEST Tuesday, 1/22/19.
    • Answer the following:
      • ? Tiene la hermana la flor? (yes)
      • ? Tienes tu el coche? (Yes)
      • ? Tiene la familia una mascota? (yes)
      • ? Cuantos anos tiene los Estados Unidos? (242 years)
      • ? Quien es tu prima? (Mari)
      • ? Es el carro de senor Gonzales nuevo? (yes)
      • ? Tienen hermanos Federico y Paco? (no)
      • ? Tienen ustedes un examen hoy? (no)
      • ? Tengo una casa grande? (yes)
      • ? Tenemos comida deliciosa para almuerzo hoy? (yes)
  • For next week: Test Chapter 2. Concepts include:
    • Vocabulary for the chapter. (Quizlet)
    • Know meanings and conjugations for: regular -AR verbs, tener, ser, estar 
      • Using tener for age
    • Possessive adjectives (p 70)
    • Know sentence structure for statements and questions

Monday, January 7, 2019

Week 1/7-1/9

Spanish 2:

  • Make sure homework that was due Wednesday is turned in to Mrs. Cole no later than Thursday, 1/10, for full credit.
  • For Monday, 1/14:
    • There will be a quiz on Direct Object Pronouns. (Refer to video on YouTube: "Direct Object Pronouns" shown in class) 
    • There are images below on Direct Object Pronouns. Mrs. Cole has a copy of this handout. It is recommended that you get a copy from her. There are 2 sides: Side-1- has information on direct object pronouns (similar to what you took notes on in class from the video) Side-2 -has a worksheet on direct object pronouns that is due Monday
  • Due Wednesday
    • What is the correct direct object pronoun (me, te, lo, la, nos, los, las) for the following nouns?
      • el queso, usted, las mujeres, tu, el novio, los papeles, el reloj, ustedes, las flores, el abuelo, ellos, el sueter, me, la ventana, nosotros
    • Replace the direct object pronoun in the following sentences using the rules for Direct Object Pronouns as discussed in class. You may review the video on the internet if needed.
      • She speaks Spanish. (it) 
      • Bill has the ball. (it)
      • They wear the jackets. (them)
      • Matt has the pens. (them).
      • I see Juan. (him)
      • She knows Juan and Maria. (them)
      • Do you need the teacher? Answer back: Yes, I need him.
    • You may also want to review the concept on under unit 4 #41-43
  • Due Tuesday: Conjugate verbs assigned in class pages 170 & 172 (make sure to include its meaning): empezar, pensar, perder, querer, perferir, poder, volver, devolver, dormir, jugar.
Spanish 1:
  • For Monday, 1/14:
    • On the handout, do the Linda's Family Tree.
    • Study the following: 
      • delante de
      • detras de
      • encima de 
      • debajo de 
      • cerca de
      • lejos de
      • al lado de 
      • dentro de 
      • fuera de
      • alrededor de 
      • a la izquierda de 
      • a la derecha de
      • entre
      • enfrente de 
      • sobre
      • antes de
      • durante
  • Due Wednesday:
    • Page 65, Sections 4 & 5
    • Page 69, Section 7
Due Tuesday:
  • Finish worksheet on "En familia"
  • Conjugate the following verbs THREE times (make sure to include its meaning): ser, estar, tener (p.66)
  • Conjugate the following verbs regular -"AR" verbs ONE time (make sure to include its meaning): hablar, cantar, nadar, escuchar, preparar, estudiar, comprar, practicar, tomar, trabajar, bailar, caminar, visitar, mirar, contestar, cocinar

Monday, November 5, 2018

Week 11/5-7

Spanish 1:

For Tuesday-translate the following:
  1. The mothers
  2. A woman
  3. The boy
  4. The men
  5. Some girls
  6. A boy hopes.
  7. The teacher prepares.
  8. The friends practice.
  9. A girl cooks.
  10. A woman prepares.
  11. The thin boy jumps.
  12. A smart woman works.
  13. The mean students talk.
  14. Some boring girls swim.
  15. The good students study.
For Wednesday-on the handout given in class, (in class) you should have completed #1-8 under the picture.
  • For homework, complete the section (D) below it on using "ser" or "estar" AND on the back side, the box (B) about your family's characteristics. 
  • DON'T FORGET TO START STUDYING FOR THE TEST TUESDAY ON CHAPTER 1 AND THE HANDOUT (-ar verbs, Ser, Estar, adjectives). The list of items that will be on the test was discussed in class today. If you missed class, it is your responsibility to see a classmate or me regarding this.

Spanish 2:

  • Study Chapter 4 for test Tuesday.
  • For Wednesday - Translate the following sentences:
    • 1.       A young mother cooks.
      2.       Some tall men work.
      3.       The old man walks.
      4.       Some young girls swim.
      5.       Some ugly cars arrive.
      6.       The young child dances.
      7.       The good students study.
      8.       An interesting boy hopes.
      9.     The nice man pays.
      10.   Some handsome guys practice.
      11.   A smart woman prepares.
      12.   The bad students talk.
      13.   An excellent teacher listens.
      14.   An old student answers.
      15.   The pretty women sing.
      16.   The small children jump.
      17.   The thin dog jumps.
      18.   Some short mothers look at the children.
      19.   The thin boy wears an ugly hat.
      20.   A mean cat visits.
      21.   An innocent girl plays the piano.
      22.   He buys the old car.
      23.   We enter the big house.
      24.   They enter a small restaurant.
      25.   I sing a beautiful song.
      26.   Maria y yo listen a lot.
      27.   She works well.
      28.   Pedro walks an easy road.
      29.   The teacher prepares a difficult test.
      30.   Mis amigos practice basketball a lot.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Week 10/29-31

Spanish 1:

  • Quiz on sentence translation
  • Due tomorrow: sentences #1-35 and section from handout assigned in class
  • Due Wednesday: in the text, complete p. 38, section 16 #1-14 AND read p. 42 then answer questions #1-5 section A p. 43.

Spanish 2:

  • Quiz on Food 1 tomororow
  • Due tomorrow: song translation completed (all but Madison and Lauren)
  • Due Wednesday: read p. 146 and answer questions: section B #1-4, section C #1-7