Monday, August 28, 2017

Week: 9/4 & 9/6


Wednesday: Quiz on Counting, Days of Week, Months of Year, Time, Seasons
                           Homework from last Wed due: Time, Seasons

Week: 8/28 & 8/30

Monday: Homework from 1st day of class due

Wednesday: Quiz on terms from Quizlet: Leccion preliminar "QUIZ 1"
                           Homework from Monday due: Counting, days of week, months of year

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


§Binder: (Due Monday, August 21, 2017-First day of class)
v Binder will be graded and is required to be kept neat, organized, and intact for the entire year. There will be a lot of papers handed out in this class.
v Those who keep it according to requirements should have an easy grade to cushion overall grade.
§  Must be durable and last entire year (at least 1” width)
§  8 Dividers (preferably with pocket) for each chapter
§  8 Cheap dividers or a way to divide notes from assignments for each chapter
§  Recommend reinforced paper for homework and notes so it will last
§ Book Deposit: $10 (Due Monday, August 21, 2017-First day of class)
v Deposit required up front and if, at the end of the year, the book is returned in issued condition, deposit will be returned. If book is not in issued condition, deposit will go toward cost of book.
§Internet access:
v From time to time, there will be assignments given that require internet access. It will be your responsibility to ensure the assignments are completed by the due date, even if you do not have internet access at your home or the internet fails. Late assignment policies will take effect. School or public library may be options.
v You are not required to have a paper dictionary but it is recommended. Google translate is a free app for mobile devices and is great, but it should be limited to single word searches as dependence on the translator (which of course is easier short-term) will limit your ability to learn and will end up affecting your overall grade long-term.
§Writing utensils:
v Graded assignments:
§  Pencil (preferred)
§  Blue/Black pen
v Class notes:
§  Your preference

v Homework will be graded, and can help cushion your grade rather easily. Assignments will be on blog as per other classes. Spanish class is Monday and Wednesday. Homework will be assigned on those days. It will be due the next class, unless otherwise instructed, so for Wednesday you will have until the following Monday to have it done. In years past, Wednesday homework was sometimes forgotten as there are quite a few days in-between Wed & Mon. Exception will not be given for forgetfulness. It is your responsibility to be organized and ensure assignments are ready on time.