Monday, November 5, 2018

Week 11/5-7

Spanish 1:

For Tuesday-translate the following:
  1. The mothers
  2. A woman
  3. The boy
  4. The men
  5. Some girls
  6. A boy hopes.
  7. The teacher prepares.
  8. The friends practice.
  9. A girl cooks.
  10. A woman prepares.
  11. The thin boy jumps.
  12. A smart woman works.
  13. The mean students talk.
  14. Some boring girls swim.
  15. The good students study.
For Wednesday-on the handout given in class, (in class) you should have completed #1-8 under the picture.
  • For homework, complete the section (D) below it on using "ser" or "estar" AND on the back side, the box (B) about your family's characteristics. 
  • DON'T FORGET TO START STUDYING FOR THE TEST TUESDAY ON CHAPTER 1 AND THE HANDOUT (-ar verbs, Ser, Estar, adjectives). The list of items that will be on the test was discussed in class today. If you missed class, it is your responsibility to see a classmate or me regarding this.

Spanish 2:

  • Study Chapter 4 for test Tuesday.
  • For Wednesday - Translate the following sentences:
    • 1.       A young mother cooks.
      2.       Some tall men work.
      3.       The old man walks.
      4.       Some young girls swim.
      5.       Some ugly cars arrive.
      6.       The young child dances.
      7.       The good students study.
      8.       An interesting boy hopes.
      9.     The nice man pays.
      10.   Some handsome guys practice.
      11.   A smart woman prepares.
      12.   The bad students talk.
      13.   An excellent teacher listens.
      14.   An old student answers.
      15.   The pretty women sing.
      16.   The small children jump.
      17.   The thin dog jumps.
      18.   Some short mothers look at the children.
      19.   The thin boy wears an ugly hat.
      20.   A mean cat visits.
      21.   An innocent girl plays the piano.
      22.   He buys the old car.
      23.   We enter the big house.
      24.   They enter a small restaurant.
      25.   I sing a beautiful song.
      26.   Maria y yo listen a lot.
      27.   She works well.
      28.   Pedro walks an easy road.
      29.   The teacher prepares a difficult test.
      30.   Mis amigos practice basketball a lot.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Week 10/29-31

Spanish 1:

  • Quiz on sentence translation
  • Due tomorrow: sentences #1-35 and section from handout assigned in class
  • Due Wednesday: in the text, complete p. 38, section 16 #1-14 AND read p. 42 then answer questions #1-5 section A p. 43.

Spanish 2:

  • Quiz on Food 1 tomororow
  • Due tomorrow: song translation completed (all but Madison and Lauren)
  • Due Wednesday: read p. 146 and answer questions: section B #1-4, section C #1-7

Monday, October 22, 2018

Week 10/22-24

Spanish 1:

  • Complete the pages of the handout as instructed in class first on "ser" then "estar" then the section where you have to figure out which is the correct one.
  • Due Wednesday, 10/24: As per what was instructed in class- you are to finish the handout that was due today as well as #1-20 on the sentences handed out.

Spanish 2:

  • Complete p 398 #1-6 from the words above, and read page 399 making sure you understand what you are reading and look up words you don't know.
  • Due Wednesday, 10/24: As per what was instructed in class- you are to finish reading the paragraphs from pp. 399 & 400; answer the questions on p. 400 about the reading. 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Week 10/15-17

Spanish 1:

Homework for Monday, 10/22: study, Study, STUDY!
  • Due Tuesday, 10/16: Complete what is not finished in class on the "Ser" worksheet given in class Monday.

Spanish 2:

Homework due Monday, 10/22: Translate the lyrics down through the chorus as instructed in class.
  • Due Tuesday, 10/16: Complete what is not finished in class on the "-ir" & "-er" verbs worksheet given in class Monday. 

Monday, October 8, 2018

Week 10/8-10/10

UPDATE: for Spanish 2

Spanish 2 Quiz Monday will be on Quizlet sections "The Kitchen" (mainly words for table setting) and ALL of "Food 2". The only section from "Food 1" that is included is from the "appetite" to the end of that section, none of the words above appetite are on this one.
**Also, remember I said it would be most commonly used words, so does not include the words oysters, mussels, clams, squash, turnip, celery, plum, apricot or raisin.

Spanish 1:

  • Homework Due Wed, 10/10/18: Handout page labelled (3 with a circle around it) after the page "Conjugation of Regular Verbs". Whole page. Don't forget the Quiz!
  • Homework due Tuesday, 10/9/18:
    • Handout pages 44, 45, & 46 on adjectives.
    • Quiz Wednesday on the following verbs and their meanings from the handout.
      • hablar
      • cantar
      • nadar
      • escuchar
      • bailar
      • estudiar
      • comparar
      • trabajar
      • preparar
      • caminar
      • llevar
      • pagar
      • tocar
      • visitar
      • saludar
      • mirar
      • contestar
      • cocinar
      • saltar
      • practicar
      • tomar
      • entrar
      • esperar
      • llegar
  • Quiz Monday on verbs, verb conjugations and adjectives (both the words and how they are used). 

Spanish 2:

  • Due Tuesday, 10/9/18:
    • Page 130, section 2, # 1-4
    • Page 131, section 5, # 1-5
  • Translation given in class due tomorrow, 10/10/18.
  • Quiz Monday on kitchen/food words - see Quizlet "In the Kitchen" & "La Comida 1 AND 2"

Monday, October 1, 2018

Week 10/1-10/3


  • Homework due Monday, 10/8:
    • From the handout given in class today on verbs: 
      • First 3 pages, as instructed in class- 
        • Page with #28 at the bottom, labelled "Verbos que terminan en -ar"- sections I, II, III
        • Pages with #23 & 24 at the bottom, labelled "Los actividades-verbos" - both pages write sentences per example.
        • Page with #29 at the bottom, labelled "Verbos que terminan en -ar"- conjugate the verbs.
        • Page with #30 at the bottom, labelled "Repaso"-do the matching and fill the blanks with the appropriate verb form.

  • Homework to due by Wednesday, 10/3:
    • Finish ANY sections listed below that you did not complete in class:
    • Read the lesson, take the Basic Quiz. If you miss any, review them, and take the Test.
      • Under Grammar:
        • Plural Form of Nouns
        • Definite & Indefinite Articles
        • Subject Pronouns
      • Under Verb Drills:
        • Just -ar Verbs
  • Homework due Tuesday, 10/2: 
    • Page 41, Sections A & B
    • Memorize the subject pronouns as on pages 34-35


Monday, September 24, 2018

Week 9/24-9/26

For ALL Spanish 1 & 2 students who bring in a SIGNED copy of this week's blog to class on Monday, you will get 5 extra Homework points!


  • Study for quiz, as discussed in class.
  • Homework due Monday, 10/1:
    • Complete the following sentences as discussed in class with the correct conjugation of the verb. 
      1. Ella (comprar) una falda.
      2. Mi amigo (escuchar) musica.
      3. La madre (buscar) el coche.
      4. El (mirar) el mapa.
      5. La profesora (ensenar) la leccion.
      6. Ellos (necesitar) una casa.
      7. Usted (trabajar) mucho.
      8. Yo (levantar) la mano.
      9. Nosotros (prestar) atencion a la profesora.
      10. Ustedes (escuchar) bien.
      11. Mi familia (cenar) en el restaurante.
      12. Ellas (comprar) mucha ropa.
      13. Tu (necesitar) estudiar para el examen. {Pay attention to the correct verb}
    • Now, write the correct SUBJECT PRONOUN for the verb that is conjugated. These are ALL "-AR" REGULAR VERBS.
      1. hablas
      2. lleva
      3. encontramos
      4. espero
      5. toman
      6. cantamos
      7. sacas
      8. dejan
      9. entra
      10. llamas
      11. termino
      12. pasan


  • Quiz Wednesday on Chapters 2 & 3
  • Test Monday on Preliminary lessions through Chapter 3
  • There are 5 of you who need to do additional work to get the full credit from the report we have been going over. Those students are: Elias, Jessica, Kenny, Matt, and Lauren. 
    • Below you will see your individualized topic that you will need to write a paragraph of 6-8 sentences on and turn in on Monday. (Kenny, however you will need to do the sentences AND summarize the importance of the pilgrimage route, as you did not summarize your article yet.)
    • Elias: you will need to write on the Haro Wine Battle or "Wine Fight"
    • Jessica: you will need to write on Tapas, the essential guide to bar food in Spain.
    • Matt: you will need to write on Jewish Spain or history of Jewish community in Spain
    • Lauren: you will need to write on History of the Spanish language in Spain: Castilian 
    • Kenny: you will need to summarize your paragraph AND write a paragraph (6-8 sentences) on History of Camino de Santiago.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Week 9/17-19

Spanish 1:

  • Please have registration complete for by tomorrow.
  • Use  the correct form of the word "the" in Spanish for the following words:
    • the princesa
    • the senor
    • the villa
    • the pastores 
    • the dictador 
    • the tacos
    • the pueblo
    • the pinata
    • the madre
  • Use the correct form of "a, an, or some" for the following words:
    • a mulato
    • some sonatas
    • a siesta
    • some bandidos
    • a profesor
    • some santas
    • an abuelo
    • a gata
    • an iguana
  • Change the following to plural:
    • el profesor
    • la pluma
    • una fiesta
    • el libro
    • un rodeo
    • el lapiz
    • una madre
    • la clase
    • el radio
    • un actor
    • el domino

Spanish 2:

  • Please have registration complete for by tomorrow.
  • No homework due Tuesday
  • Tuesday, September 11, 2018

    Tuesday, 9/11 & Wednesday, 9/12 Account

    • Please register for a FREE student account on
      • You will go to "Log On/Off" in top right corner, then click on "My Account". 
      • At the bottom, click on "Register". 
      • Scroll to the bottom and select "Free student membership". 
      • Please fill out all of the fields using YOUR email address (or you may use your parents if you do not have one), however use this as your password: NLCA1148
      • You will then have to go to your email and verify the account clicking on the link provided in the email.
      • After verifying the account, go back to and login with your email and the password given. Then click on "Edit Profile" to register your account with the class. Scroll to the bottom where it has a box to enter the Teacher ID. My teacher ID is: 8VQZ155f (Note it is case-sensitive)
      • Once complete, I will be able to add you to the classroom.

    SPANISH 1:

    Please register for a FREE student account on (INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE).
    • Homework due Monday, 9/17: (32 questions)
      • Page 31, section 1, # 1-8 AND "Expansion" (First using el, la, los, las. Then using the same words, use un, una, unos, unas)
      • Page 46, section 1, # 1-4 AND section 4, # 15-18
      • Page 52, section 3, # 1-6
      • Page 53, section 5, # 1-2
    • Homework due tomorrow, 9/12:
      • Page 24, sections 2 & 3
      • Please register for a FREE student account on (INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE).

    SPANISH 2:

    Please register for a FREE student account on (INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE).
    • Homework due Monday, 9/17: (19 questions)
      • Page 106, section 11, # 1-8
      • Page 108, section 13, # 1-6
      • Page 117, section 6, # 30-34
    • Homework due tomorrow, 9/12:
      • Page 122, section 3 - Be creative.
      • Page 123, section 7 - Be creative.
      • Please register for a FREE student account on (INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE).

    Monday, September 3, 2018

    Week 9/5-6, AND Monday, 9/10

    SPANISH 2:

    Quiz Wednesday.

    Review gender of nouns, definite and indefinite articles, changing from singulair to plural nouns, the -AR verb endings for the different subject pronouns, and possessive adjectives.

    Finish FRONT of Genealogy worksheet started in class after the quiz. Due on Tuesday, 9/11.

    NEXT WEEK, MONDAY, 9/10: Finish translating the paragraph started in class. Due tomorrow, 9/11.

    SPANISH 1:

    Complete the handouts that are given in class today, due tomorrow.

    Test has been changed to Monday, 9/10, and will be on the material we have studied to this point.

    Make sure to review: counting, days of the week, months of the year, greetings/farewells, seasons, weather, and time. All of this is found in the "Lecciones Preliminares" in the test, the worksheets you have been given in class, and DON'T FORGET QUIZLET!

    Monday, August 27, 2018

    Week 8/27-8/29

    SPANISH 1:

    Due Tuesday:Worksheet pages given in class on Time, Dates, Weather

    Make sure to continue studying material that was on the quiz today for the test on Wednesday, 9/5, as discussed earlier this week.

    SPANISH 2:

    Make sure to review the posessive adjectives as presented in class today, as well as the material you are having trouble with that we have gone over so far.

    We will have a quiz on Wednesday, 9/5, that will include the concepts we have reviewed so far: gender and number of nouns, personal pronouns, conjugating verbs ser and tener, posessive adjectives.

    Remember that Spanish is cumulative so the words we have learned through chapter 3 may be used on the quiz. Review the end of chapter lists to make sure you know the words for these chapters. DON'T FORGET QUIZLET for this as well.

    SPANISH 1:


    Homework due Tuesday, 8/28
    Page 13, Section 1, #1-6
    Also, complete the following:
    How do you say in Spanish?

    • What time is it?
    • It's noon.
    • It's midnight.
    • What time is math class?
    SPANISH 2:
    Homework due Wednesday, 8/29:
    Page 99, Section 4, #1-9

    Homework due Tuesday, 8/28
    Page 67, Section 4
    Page 72, Section 12

    Wednesday, August 22, 2018

    Week 8/20-22

    SPANISH 2:

    • Due Monday, 8/27: All will be from the book (33 questions)
      • Page 33, Section 6, #1-8
      • Page 38, Section 16, #1-14
      • Page 38, Section 17-Made a sentence using each of the subjects from the yellow box (there will be 6)
      • Page 53, Section 4, #1-3
      • Page 53, Section 5, #1-2

    SPANISH 1:

    • Due Monday 8/27: (24 questions)
      • Page 6, Section 1, #1-3
      • Page 7, Section 3, #1-2
      • Page 9, Section 5, #1-3-You will follow the "modelo" in the book
      • Page 11, Section 4, #1-3-Look at the yellow "Nota" box to the right
      • Page 14, Section 2, #1-4
      • Page 15, Section 5 #2-4 & Section 6, #2-4
      • Page 16, Section 1, #1,2,8

    Wednesday, August 15, 2018


    §Binder: (Due Wednesday, August 22, 2018)
    v Binder will be graded and is required to be kept neat, organized, and intact for the entire year. There will be a lot of papers handed out in this class.
    v Those who keep it according to requirements should have an easy grade to cushion overall grade.
    §  Must be durable and last entire year (at least 1” width)
    §  8 Dividers (preferably with pocket) for each chapter
    §  8 Cheap dividers or a way to divide notes from assignments for each chapter
    §  Recommend reinforced paper for homework and notes so it will last
    § Book Deposit: $ 6 (No later than August 27, 2018)
    v Due before student will be issued a textbook for the year which goes toward cost of wear / replacement of book.
    §Internet access:
    v From time to time, there will be assignments given that require internet access. It will be your responsibility to ensure the assignments are completed by the due date, even if you do not have internet access at your home or the internet fails. Late assignment policies will take effect. School or public library may be options.
    v Spanish 1: It is recommended that you have a paper dictionary.
    v Spanish 2: You are required to have a paper dictionary.
    v If you want me to purchase the dictionary for you, please bring $5 no later than Wed, Aug. 23, 2018.
    v Google translate is a free app for mobile devices and is great, but it should be limited to single word searches as dependence on the translator (which of course is easier short-term) will limit your ability to learn and will end up affecting your overall grade long-term.
    §Writing utensils:
    v Graded assignments:
    §  Pencil (required)
    v Class notes:
    §  Your preference of colors
    v Homework will be graded, and can help cushion your grade rather easily. Assignments will be given both in class and on the blog. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK IT DAILY FOR ASSIGNMENTS DUE! Spanish class is Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Homework will be assigned on those days. It will be due the next class, unless otherwise instructed, so for Wednesday you will have until the following Monday to have it done. In years past, Wednesday homework was sometimes forgotten as there are quite a few days in-between Wed & Mon. Exception will not be given for forgetfulness. It is your responsibility to be organized and ensure assignments are ready on time.

    Saturday, April 21, 2018

    I have posted several posts for the remaining weeks of school. Make sure to scroll down to find the week we are on to see what is due!


    Restaurant skit due 5/7 & will be presented on 5/9
    Skit will be a TEST grade. Make sure you are present on 5/9 in order to get the grade for the test.

    Wednesday, 5/2/18: Quiz on Food 2
    Homework due from Monday 4/30/18

    Monday, 4/30/18: Quiz on Food 1
    Homework due from Monday 4/23/18

    4/25/18: Soul Survivor-MAKE SURE TO WORK ON HOMEWORK ASSIGNED MON, 4/23

    Monday, 4/23/18: Quiz on The Body and Clothing-both sections are under Chapter 4 on Quizlet
    Homework due 4/30/18:

    Wednesday, April 11, 2018

    Make sure to read below about BOTH the End-of-the-year Fiesta AND the TEST on Monday

    End of the year FIESTA!

    "La Carreta" End-of -the-Year FIESTA 

    on Thursday, 5/10/18,

    for Spanish Class students who have a FINAL passing grade of (70) or above.


    Week 4/9 & 4/11

    4/11: TEST MONDAY, 4/16/18 on Chapters 5 & 6. New study sets on Quizlet!

    Handout given in class today with material for test review. Those absent or who left early are responsible for the material that was missed. If you were absent, see Mrs. Cole. 

    Due Monday is the COMPLETED handout with minimum of 2 items for EACH section, unless advised to skip the section. You will turn handout in to me at beginning of class. This homework will be worth 50 points. Though you are only required to write answers to a couple items from each section, it is advised that you complete all of them or at least read down through to ensure you know how to do the entire section as you are responsible for all of the material and it may show up on the test. If you complete more than 2 for each section, you will be given more points.

    Test material: 

    • Be able to conjugate and know meanings of the irregular verbs:
      • pg. 170-querer, preferir, empezar, perder, pensar
      • pg. 172-poder, volver, devolver, dormir, jugar
    • Be able to write questions and responses using "gustar"-book pg. 175, handout pg. 1-2. 
    • Posessive adjectives: handout pg. 2
    • Know conjugations for "ser" and "estar" and know when to use each: book pp. 204-207, handout pp. 5-8, & 10-12.
    • Know the vocabulary words from the handout given a few weeks ago from the sections: Wellbeing, Personality/Emotions, and Health (as was also reviewed during class today). Also used in handout sections on page 10.

    4/9: SNOW DAY

    Friday, March 23, 2018

    Week 3/26 & 28

    Monday: go over the homework
                   will review stem-changing verbs
                   review differences between ser vs estar

    Quiz Wed
    Homework page 185 Section 5, page 219 Section 4

    Week 3/19 & 21

    3/19: Homework

    1. page 171, section 5
    2. page 173, section 8
    3. page 184, section 4
    4. read page 182, questions 1-6 page 183

    Week 3/12 & 14


    Monday, March 5, 2018

    Week 3/5 & 3/7

    • 3/7/18:
             Tarea (Homework)

    1. Page 171, Section 2, # 1-6
    2. Page 173, Section 7, #1-6
    3. Page 185, Section 5, #28-36

    (Briana, Kenny, Sam) who missed the lesson on "er" & "ir" verbs need to write the verb endings for "er" verbs AND "ir" verbs 10 times each. See page 136. 

    • Example: "er"    "ir"
    •                  o         o
    •                  es        es
    •                  e          e
    •                 emos    imos
    •                 en         en
    • 3/5/18: 

              Tarea (Homework):

    1. Page 164, Section 2, A-D
    2. Page 169, Section 6, # 1-6
    3. Page 198, Section 2, # 1-8

    Friday, February 23, 2018

    Chapter 3 Test

                                                        Chapter 3 test will be on 2/26/18. 

    Don't forget the end of the chapter "Review Pages" to review grammar concepts (pages 116-117, 120-123).

    Quizlet sections for Chapter 3 test include: 
                       *There is now a link to MY Quizlet on the right side of the blog for easy access.
    • Under Chapter 3:
      • School & School Activities
      • School Supplies
      • After School Activities
      • Clothing
      • About Shopping
      • Useful Words & Expressions
    • Under Verb Conjugations:
      • Pronouns for Verbs
      • Regular -AR verb endings
      • Verb meanings
      • Know how to conjugate:
        • Regular -ar verbs
        • tener
        • ser
        • dar
        • ir
        • estar
    • You will still need to know the words under Extra:
      • Words to Know
      • Posessive Adjectives
    You can review the homework assigned for the chapter, as it will help you study for the test. 
    You will also need to know the vocabulary from previous chapters. 


    Thursday, February 15, 2018

    Week 2/19 & 2/21

    Chapter 3 test will be on 2/26/18. 
    As discussed in class, there will continue to be quizzes on -ar verbs until 50% of the class makes 100%. After grading last quiz, THERE WILL BE ANOTHER QUIZ MONDAY, 2/19/18.

    There will be a quiz on Wednesday, 2/21 that is going to be spoken as we have done previously with group work. 

    Chapter 3 test will be on 2/26/18. If you are not already studying the Quizlet sections for the chapter I would suggest you do so; especially if you are doing poorly on the quizzes. You will need to be able to conjugate the verbs from the chapter as you are doing in the homework that has been assigned. If you have not done any of the homework, please do so as it will help you study for the test. You will need to know the verb meanings and will also incorporate vocabulary from previous chapters. 

    Tuesday, February 13, 2018

    Week 2/12 & 2/14

    As discussed in class, there will continue to be quizzes on -ar verbs until 50% of the class makes 100%. After grading last quiz, THERE WILL BE ANOTHER QUIZ MONDAY, 2/19/18.

    Chapter 3 test will be on 2/26/18. If you are not already studying the Quizlet sections for the chapter I would suggest you do so; especially if you are doing poorly on the quizzes. You will need to be able to conjugate the verbs from the chapter as you are doing in the homework that has been assigned. If you have not done any of the homework, please do so as it will help you study for the test. You will need to know the verb meanings and will also incorporate vocabulary from previous chapters. 

    Wednesday: Homework due Monday, 2/19/18
    • Page 116, Sections 2 & 3
    • Page 117, Sections 5 & 6
    Monday: Quiz Wednesday on -ar verbs, verb conjugation, verb meanings.

    Tuesday, February 6, 2018

    Week 2/5 & 2/7

    Wednesday: Classwork: p 101, section 2,  #1,3,5
                                           p 102, section 3, # 1,4,6
                                           p 103, section 6, # 1,3
                                           p 112-read, p 113-answer questions sections A & B
                          Homework: p 103, section 7
                                               p 104, section 8
                                               p 106, section 11

    Monday: Homework page 99 # 6 and page 102 # 5.
                    Quiz: know stuff from previous quiz and meanings of verbs

    Sunday, January 28, 2018

    Week 1/29 & 1/31

    Wednesday, 1/31/18:QUIZ MONDAY ON -AR VERBS 
          HW DUE Monday 2/5/18
    • p. 98 #2 & 3
    • p. 99 #4 (Meanings of words are now on Quizlet under Extra)
    • Conjugate the following verbs on the conjugation sheet handed out today.
      • REGULAR verbs p. 100 in list under #1 - (you were supposed to have already looked up their meanings) follow regular verb endings(p. 100)
        • estudiar
        • ensenar
        • levantar
        • contestar
        • hablar
        • tomar
        • mirar
        • escuchar
        • sacar
        • llevar
        • regresar
        • necesitar
        • navegar
        • buscar
        • enviar
        • comprar
        • pagar
        • trabajar
      • IRREGULAR verbs discussed today (p.105): 
        • ir
        • dar
        • estar
    • p. 102 #4 (Complete conjugation chart)

    Monday, 1/29/18:
           HW DUE
    • p. 94 #2
    • p. 95 #5
    • p. 101 #1
    A new study set was added to Quizlet on posessive adjectives. It is under EXTRA. Please learn these!

    Wednesday, January 10, 2018

    Week 1/15 & 1/17

    Mon. 1/15/18: MLK Holiday

    Wed. 1/17/18: Chapter 2 TEST
                            Homework on test review DUE
                            Begin Chapter 3

    Week 1/8 & 1/10

    Monday 1/8/18: SNOW DAY

    Wednesday 1/10/18: Review for TEST Chapter 2 that will be on Wednesday, 1/17/18.
    Homework for test review:

    We have already done most of this work previously, but it was so long ago and these concepts are where most of the items being tested will come from. (If you keep an organized notebook labeling the exercises as you complete them, you should be able to find these to review instead of completing them again!)
    • Finish translating "Mascotas" on page 78 & answer questions 1-4 on page 79.
    • Pages 80-81: Sections 1 (family members vocabulary), 4 (conjugation of "tener"), 5 (possessive adjectives). 
    • Page 86: Sections 2 (conjugation of "ser" & "tener"), 3 (switching from plural to singular throughout the sentence)
    • You will need to be able to change sentences from singular to plural and vice versa, as well as masculine to feminine and vice versa. For example: Sing => Pl- El gato es rojo. => Los gatos son rojos. Masc => Fem- La chica es alta. => El chico es alto. 
    • Also for the test, make sure you are able to complete the exercises (previously done) on pages 67 #4, & 69 #7. 
    • Make sure you know the vocabulary for the chapter (family members, housing, other such as "hay"), both on page 85 & on Quizlet. There will be a paragraph for translation. 
    • Know the opposites on page 87, #5.
    • Know conjugations of verbs: ser, tener, & estar. (Check out Quizlet)
    • REMEMBER: Spanish builds on itself and there will be concepts you have learned from previous chapters especially being able to change gender of nouns and from singular to plural. You may wish to check out page 50 from chapter 1 for review of this. You will also need to be able to change verb tense when changing from singular to plural. (Ex: El arbol es alto => Los arboles son altos.)