Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Week 4/9 & 4/11

4/11: TEST MONDAY, 4/16/18 on Chapters 5 & 6. New study sets on Quizlet!

Handout given in class today with material for test review. Those absent or who left early are responsible for the material that was missed. If you were absent, see Mrs. Cole. 

Due Monday is the COMPLETED handout with minimum of 2 items for EACH section, unless advised to skip the section. You will turn handout in to me at beginning of class. This homework will be worth 50 points. Though you are only required to write answers to a couple items from each section, it is advised that you complete all of them or at least read down through to ensure you know how to do the entire section as you are responsible for all of the material and it may show up on the test. If you complete more than 2 for each section, you will be given more points.

Test material: 

  • Be able to conjugate and know meanings of the irregular verbs:
    • pg. 170-querer, preferir, empezar, perder, pensar
    • pg. 172-poder, volver, devolver, dormir, jugar
  • Be able to write questions and responses using "gustar"-book pg. 175, handout pg. 1-2. 
  • Posessive adjectives: handout pg. 2
  • Know conjugations for "ser" and "estar" and know when to use each: book pp. 204-207, handout pp. 5-8, & 10-12.
  • Know the vocabulary words from the handout given a few weeks ago from the sections: Wellbeing, Personality/Emotions, and Health (as was also reviewed during class today). Also used in handout sections on page 10.


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