Monday, November 10, 2014

 A PIZZA PARTY at lunch time will be held on Wednesday, 12/15/14 for ALL Spanish students who turn in their COMPLETED homework EVERY time it is due from this coming WED, 11/12/14 - 12/15/14.

Only those students who meet these requirements will be able to attend.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Homework November 10-November 17

Homework for ALL GRADES is the same.

 QUIZ RE-DO: WEDNESDAY 11/12/14 on vocabulary for seasons, and weather. THIS IS TO TRY FOR 1/2 CREDIT ON THIS SECTION FROM YOUR PREVIOUS QUIZ. To study, reference the handout your homework has been coming from, on the back of the page titled "Las estaciones y el tiempo", there is a half-page devoted to "Vocabulario" (page 17) that has the vocabulary words you need to know listed on it.
Due Monday, 11/10/14:
  • Homework is in the handout, NEW NUMBERING (number actual pages in handout front and back) PLEASE WRITE YOUR ANSWERS ON A SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER.
    • page 12, #3 "Categoriza" Make a list of 3 each of physical appearance & personality characteristics using words from pages 9&10. MAKE SURE TO LABEL EACH LIST CORRECTLY. 
    • page 12, #4 "Personaliza" Answer the questions IN SPANISH IN COMPLETE SENTENCES. Remember you take part of the question to form the statement as done in class.
    • page 13, #10 " Personaliza" Answer the questions IN SPANISH IN COMPLETE SENTENCES. Use words and conversation on page 9 for help if needed.
    • page 13, #11 "Completa la conversacion" YOU DO NOT NEED TO RE-WRITE THE PARAGRAPH. JUST make sure to number the word with the corresponding blank in the paragraph. CONJUGATE the verb ser for the appropriate nouns/persons.
    • page 14, #16 "Completa" Make sure you CONJUGATE the verb ser for the appropriate nouns/persons.
Due Wednesday, 11/12/14:
  • We will be working from the current handout on pages 13, 14, & 15 in class. Make sure you have it with you.
  • Homework
    • is from the current handout we have been working from, page 16 (also numbered 46 & 47) numbers: 2,3,4,5,6 ON A SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER
Due Monday, 11/17/14:
  • We will be working from the previous handout on SER & ESTAR, pages 15, 16, & 17 in class. So make sure you have it with you. A new sheet will be handed out to staple to this handout.
  • Homework
    • From handout with about time/weather, on the very last page read "Dos Personajes importantes" about Don Quijote page 18 (or 44 & 45) answer the Comprendes questions for A & B. 
    • From the handout on "-ar" verbs and conjugation. You will have to complete the rest of the handout practicing conjugation of "-ar" verbs.
    • Conjugate the following verbs on the conjugation sheets handed out in class. You will only need to do each verb ONCE.
      • hablar
      • comprar
      • trabajar
      • preparar
      • ensenar
      • jugar
      • estudiar
      • visitar
      • saludar
      • mirar
      • contestar